The Project

3 in One Absolute encoder.

The requirement was to control the positioning of 3 collimator beams in a medical instrument. A major obstacle for the use of off-the-shelf solutions is the lack of space.

The customer requested a customized solution aiming at use of the lowest volume possible. Another requirement was not to use cabling to the moving arms.

Our Solution

The chosen implementation was developed: A 3-in-1 encoder, making use of passive read heads, and where 3 such read heads “share” a single transceiver scale system.

The 3 encoder solution required a small foot-print of 42 x 33 mm and a height of 16 mm. The proposed solution performance was tailored to the system requirements in order to provide the best cost/performance ratio.

The product is in full production since 2005.


The Customer

Medical industry

The performance of the product

Encoder Interface Analog Sine/Cosine for3 channels
Encoder pitch length in Fine Mode2.0 mm
Resolution2.5 μm
Accuracy±60 μm
Repeatability±10 μm
Maximum operating motion speed28 mm/sec
Permissible read head shift from center line in Y-axis± 0.10 mm
Permissible read head yaw on the mounting points± 0.05 mm
Temp. range15 ÷C to 45÷C
Permissible relative humidity15%<H<85% no condensation
Recommended supply voltage5 V
Max. operating current, no load< 50 mA
Storage temperature range-15 ÷C to +45 ÷C
Weight0.050 kg
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