The Project

The scanner allows the dentist maximal scan flexibility and connectivity

It provides faster, smaller and high quality visualization capabilities

By that improving responsiveness to client’s needs.

Our Solution

  • Minimized linear encoder tailored for dental scanner.Passive head implementation.
  • Small read Head size – 7mm.
  • High resolution and accuracy.
  • Rigid-Flex-Rigid architecture.
Minimized linear encoder for dental scanner

The Customer


The performance of the product

Parameters Definition*  Channel value
Encoder Interface AqB
Read Head size 7.0 [mm]
transceiver dimension 15x15x8 [mm]
Operation length ±1.5 [mm]
Accuracy ±6 [µm]
Resolution      ±0.5 [µm]
Repeatability ±1 [µm]
Maximum operating motion speed 100 [mm/sec]
Temperature  range 20ºC  +45 [ºC]
Permissible relative humidity <90  [%]
Operating voltage range 5 [V]
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