Simple and quick KappaSense linear encoder installation process lasts no more than 2.5minutes!

To watch the installation proces click here

Finding the right balance between continuous efforts to increase productivity, throughput and robustness, while keeping cost low, is the ultimate goal of both machine builders and machine users in any industry. KappaSense serves this goal by providing customers with flexible and resilient motion sensing solutions aiming at lowering the total cost of ownership.

KappaSense believes that the motion or position sensor shall adapt to the machine builder’s needs, thus the extended tolerances supported by Capacitive encoders allow a more relaxed machine design and lower installation costs
KappaSense believes that the supplier shall adapt to the Customer, thus customization projects are performed in accord to the customers’ standards and our development teams work in close coordination with the customers’ engineers

The holistic sensing approach of the capacity encoders make them indifferent to dust and contamination level which usually cause traditional encoder technology to fail. In addition capacitive technology is immune to strong magnetic fields. Thus KappaSense solutions ensure higher up-time and productivity and lower maintenance costs.

KappaSense’s customized products fit the customers’ needs, thus saving unnecessary payment for unwanted features, there is no for extra design to cover for the limitations of standard products, providing customers with the best value/cost ratio.


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