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custom absolute linear encoders
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Custom solutions

Solving Today’s applications better is more than a slogan. Our cable-less linear capacitive encoder solution & flexible operation tolerances allow us to simplify & solve your design barriers in ways that can not be done using traditional solutions.

Using our different standard Sensing topologies, Kappasense can offer easy modification or even full customization to adapt our solution to any specific application, be it only a mechanical change or even an electrical adaptation.

custom linear encoders
Standard/ Of the Shelf

Meet most of an application’s needs
Immediate availably

custom linear encoders
custom linear encoders
Light Modification

Change mechanical dimensions
(scale length)
• Add specific feature
Short time market

custom linear encoders
low profile encoders
Full Customization

System constraints (size, form…)
Value Add
• Longer time to market

Building blocks approacht

Using the Building Blocks Approach Kappasense can provide the exact solution you need.

Ready to use Hardware and Software elements
High degree of integration
Any Length/Width
Complete inhouse solution

Custom Solution designed to meet any requirements

Short Cycle, low NRE cost

Customer's competitive advantages

Limited risk
Space & cost saving
Short time to market (field-proven building blocks)

custom absolute encoder manufacturer
low profile encoders
low profile encoders
low profile encoders
X Accessibility

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