Kappasense absolute linear encoders manufacturer

Established 2012, Kappasense is a designer & Manufacturer of Absolute Linear Encoders, seeking to make a significant contribution to its customers by offering a better solution for today’s applications.

absolute encoder manufacturer - kappasense

Owning Multiple active patents in the field of capacitive sensing, KP’s unique linear capacitive encoder technology offers rugged high-performance, digital & Analog, field proven linear encoders in a variety of flagship customers around the globe, such as Semiconductors, industrial machining, Medical & more.

The company offers a wide range of solutions, from standard to Modified products & fully customized solutions, based on its technology.
With its new cable-Free Read head, Kappasense introduces a new approach to overcome common issues in many Linear Motion applications, Offering a way to simplify your design time, cost, weight & its MTBF.

Our non-compromised focus on quality ensures that our customers benefit from continuously highest levels of reliability and a long service life, in each contact they have with our devoted and experienced employees.

absolute encoder manufacturer - kappasense


absolute encoder manufacturer - kappasense


absolute encoder manufacturer
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