About KappaSense

KappaSense is a solution provider of Capacitive Encoders, seeking to make significant contribution to our customers by delivering innovating sensing solutions.

KappaSense Ltd. established in 2012 as a spinoff from SICK Sensors Ltd., world leader providers of sensor-based solutions for industrial automation.

KappaSense is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality absolute Capacitive Linear encoders (the company owns multiple active patents).

KappaSense unique linear capacitive technology offers rugged high-performance, digital & Analog, electric linear encoders that are found in a wide variety of applications, worldwide and specifically in Semiconductors, Printing, Medical and other industrial machines.

The company offers design and customization services of new and existing mature high volume products.

Our products offer a wide variety of advantages for harsh environments versus existing solutions such as magnetic and Optical encoders.

Kappasense currently develops a new line of product offering based on Passive Read Head Digital Absolute Encoder with an improved sealing aimed for harsh environment applications.

Our non-compromised focus on quality ensures that our customers benefit from continuous highest levels of reliability and a long service life, in each contact they have with our devoted and experienced employees.

Patents: European Patent No. 3290871, European Patent No. 3301325, USA Patent No.: US 10,077,841 B2


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