The Project

Pending patent application in Europe and USA.
The offered solution of Linear actuator consist of Main housing, Cover and built-in linear servo motor, encoder and slide guides.

  • Linear high speeds, motor-forcer actuator magnetic way, with Passive Head absolute position Encoder.
  • Pending patent application
  • The product was developed in cooperation with YER

Our Solution

  • Temperature compensation
  • Digital Interfaces ( Biss – C , Ssi)
  • Absolute encoder with Embedded interface
  • Safety aspect – fixture of moving parts (rod)
  • Implement the solution on smaller sizes
  • Joint development with Netzer precision digital core and with Yaskawa IL development team

The Customer

Robotics, Machine Automation

The performance of the product

Encoder  Parameters Definition  Channel value
Encoder Interface BiSS C interface
Stroke length with relative high force 10-430 [mm]
Scale length 450 , [mm]
Operation measuring length 400 [mm]
Accuracy ±30 [µm]
Resolution 0.5 [µm]
Repeatability ±1 [µm]
Maximum operating motion speed 4 [m/sec]
Operating temperature range, 10up to  + 40 [ºC]
Permissible relative humidity <90 [%]
Operating voltage range 12 ±10% [V]
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