The Project

This sealing has been accepted as a patent by the United State  and the European patent offices.

Applications: Robotics, Machine builders with harsh and dust environment, water spray /splash and humidity applications (large printers)

Our Solution

  • Passive Read Head Absolute Encoder with  Robust sealing
  • Can reach IP-55 requirement due to patented sealed(Z-shaped armature)
  • Solution for harsh working environment
  • No cabling
Passive Read Head Absolute Encoder improved sealing

The Customer

The performance of the product

Encoder  Parameters Definition  Channel value
Encoder Interface BiSS C interface
Stroke length with relative high force 10-430 [mm]
Scale length 450 , [mm]
Operation measuring length 400 [mm]
Accuracy ±30 [µm]
Resolution 0.5 [µm]
Repeatability ±1 [µm]
Maximum operating motion speed 4 [m/sec]
Operating temperature range, 10up to  + 40 [ºC]
Permissible relative humidity <90 [%]
Operating voltage range 12 ±10% [V]
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